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BOGO Reversible Mood Plushies

Reversible Mood Plushies  have been all of the rage in all of 2020, largely fueled by its 15-minutes of fame achieved during its tiktok and instagram debut.  From reversible octopus to even reversible flip cats these double sided reversible plush toys have selling like hot cakes!
So will the trendy reversible plush toys continue selling through 2021 and 2022? The answer is a resounding yes! 

These flip mood plushies are great!  Not only can you show your mood without saying a word but they're also super cute whenever you need a little pick me up.  They are about 8-12" depending on how they are held, filled with PP cotton, reversible to reveal a different color under side and make for amazing gifts! 

Christmas is right around the corner and these amazingly cute reversible plush toys makes for great stocking stuffers! 
Available as a reversible mood octopus, reversible cat, reversible owl, flip penguin, reversible lions & More! 

Plushie depot even has a buy one get one free deal on various mood stuffed animal styles!
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