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About Us

Plushie Depot | The Kingdom of Plush Toys

Our Beginnings

How does anything begin? At first, its because you love something so much and want to share it with the world. And then it morphs into into the marketplace that we've built through hard work, dedication and the dozens of wonderful companies and individuals that have supported us in our goals.

Why Plush Toys?

We can't be the only one's that have made strong emotional connections with our beloved plush friends through our lives.

Not only are plush toys cute and cuddly but the benefits that they have provided to us personally and so many around the world is undeniable.

Our Mission

We started with a dream of offering each plush toy in existence. 

We want to help connect manufacturers, distributors, brands and other retailers of plush goods with those who want to purchase, love and cherish them for a life time

To work closely with every and any brand to help spread joy and happiness to people all over the world no matter who they are and what they may be going through.

Love is a plush toy.

Commonly Asked Questions