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Holiday Hugs Update from Plushie Depot!

Hello Plushie Pals!

Exciting news from Plushie Depot: our cuddly companions are ready for holiday adventures! 🎄🧸 However, due to the holiday rush, we can't guarantee Christmas delivery for orders placed after 12/8/2023. Our plushie postal workers are working extra hard, but good things take time!

## Quick Recap

- 📅 Orders after 12/8/2023 might not make it by Christmas.
- 🐾 Plushies need a little extra time for a perfect arrival.
- 💖 Even if delayed, the joy they bring is timeless!

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Spread the love, and let the holiday cuddles commence!

Warm Hugs,
Plushie Depot 🎁🐻

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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