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Is it OK to Sleep with a Plushie? - Plushie Depot

Is it OK to Sleep with a Plushie?

In a society that often looks down on adults who still sleep with stuffed animals, it can be hard to admit that you do it yourself. But the truth is, there's nothing wrong with finding comfort in a plushie or stuffed animal — and there are actually some benefits to sleeping with one! Here's what you need to know.

The Case for Sleeping with a Plushie

Most of us were introduced to plushies at a young age and quickly grew attached to them. For many of us, they were our first "best friends." And even though we may not sleep with them anymore, the comfort they provided us as children is something that can still be beneficial in adulthood, even animals love to sleep with plush toys.

There are actually a few science-backed reasons why sleeping with a plushie can be good for you. One study found that people who slept with a stuffed animal had lower levels of stress and anxiety than those who didn't. Stuffed animals can also serve as a source of comfort during tough times. In one survey of bereaved adults, 38% said they still slept with a memento of their deceased loved one, such as a stuffed animal. In a Guardian article a person interviewed even goes as far as to say "My Bears are my lifeline."  

Of course, there are also some practical benefits to sleeping with a plushie. Stuffed animals can act as extra pillows, help you keep your bed sheets clean, and serve as a stand-in for your partner when they're not around. Plus, they're just downright cute!


If you're an adult who still sleeps with a stuffed animal, don't be ashamed — you're certainly not alone. And there's nothing wrong with finding comfort in your childhood friend. In fact, there are even some scientific benefits to snuggling up with a plushie at night! So go ahead and keep your favorite stuffed animal on your bed — there's nothing wrong with admitting that you still need a little bit of extra warmth and love from time to time.
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