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For all items that refer to Taito Chax Plush or are provided by Gloomy Bear Official, please note the following:

    • All sales are final: Due to the delicate nature of these imported collectibles, refunds and exchanges are not offered, even for minor blemishes or imperfections. This also applies to pre-orders and free stickers, which are not guaranteed due to packing processes.

    • Details: Read each listing carefully and ask any questions before purchasing. Taito Chax plush are sold individually and are not children's toys. They are intended for collectors aged 15+. By buying, you acknowledge these terms.

    • Imperfections: Slight variations in color and shape are possible due to manufacturing. Minor distortions can be gently reshaped. Some items may arrive compressed for shipping efficiency.

    • Limited edition: Taito Chax are one-time releases and rarely restock.

    • Damage during transit: If your item arrives significantly damaged (e.g., crushed), contact us within 72 hours with photos and all packaging. We'll try to replace it. If not, we'll refund the product cost (excluding shipping).

    • Terms & Policies: By purchasing, you agree to our full terms and policies for these items.